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Green Your Factory assists and educates factory owners, managers and workers alike,  on how to improve their ‘factory working environment’ while saving money at the same time. The simple and user-friendly design of the website enables the full spectrum of the factory to be covered through relevant headings where environmentally friendly features, products, ideas and changes are introduced to the eco – conscious person working in a factory environment. Worldwide environmental trends relating to the production industry are closely monitored, and the website is constantly updated to ensure that the Factory Worker Fraternity in South Africa remains informed on the very latest environmentally friendly initiatives and products for the factory. Our unique  ‘What you need to know’ platform informs the factory owner/manager of the benefits and negatives of individual technology or products, and importantly in these trying economic times, the average payback period for each product introduced (where possible). We provide a reference to suppliers, products, terms, prices, and contact details through logo click link to their websites.
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Meet The Team


Bryan James Groenendaal

Chief Executive Officer
Bryan is a Green Star SA Accredited Professional through the Green Building Council of South Africa. He also holds a Marketing Diploma through the South African Institute of Marketing Management and an MBA from UCT Graduate School of Business. In order to be on the forefront of the sustainable urban environment movement, Bryan attended the Institute of Sustainable Development and Architecture at Bond University in Australia where he completed a Master’s Program in Urban Development and Sustainability, graduating with distinction. Bryan has worked for and consulted to a number of prominent manufacturing organisations including running a production division for CTP Caxtons for four years. Bryan strives to establishment himself as a leading authority on sustainable practice in the factory environment. Now permanently based in Cape Town, and with recreational interests that include trail running and golf, Bryan has always been deeply committed to the environmental causes in his personal life. Through “Green Your Factory”, he has now provided an educational platform for all factory owners, managers and workers, to share his passion and play a part in nurturing a more eco-friendly factory working experience.

Consultation Services

We offer professional consultation services, for those factory managers that are looking for a more detailed environmental solution.  A qualified professional will visit your factory and submit an environmental audit, listing all possible products and features that can be introduced to improve your efficiency, make your factory more environmentally friendly and above all, SAVE YOU MONEY. We include a ‘before and after’ analysis of energy and water consumption. A project management service for all installations is also offered.