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Green Your Factory is the first comprehensive information and service platform that assists and educates factory industry members on how to improve their factory environment that save money at the same time. The simple and user-friendly design of the website enables the factory owner, manager or worker to browse for products, ideas, and advice for their customised needs. Green Your Factory also provides a reference to advertiser’s products, terms, prices, and contact details by a simple click on an advert. We offer unbiased facts with a direct approach which places all advertisers on an equal platform. Consumers can order online where applicable or from the supplier directly. In short, Green Your Factory provides a link between supplier and the eco-friendly factory industry.

We also offer a professional consultation service, to those factories that are looking for a more detailed environmental solution.  Products and suppliers listed on the website are recommended at the point of consultation. We include a ‘before and after’ analysis of energy and water consumption in relation to production performance. As such, in order to maintain the integrity of the Green Your Factory brand, only companies with certified or approved products with exceptional quality pedigree will be allowed to advertise.

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Maximum of six advertising spaces per feature page, one per client or product (limits competition)

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Rate Card

The rate card is divided into two specific points of display, namely the home page and feature content pages.

1.) Advertising On Our Homepage

The home page advertising is directed at organisations who wish to build brand awareness and direct visitors to their own website. The home page rate includes a second placing in the relevant feature content page which is product specific and, from time to time, Green Your Factory will run special deals offering added exposure for advertisers on the home page which is also included.

Time Period Rate
6 Months R5000.00
12 Months R10000.00

2.) Feature Content Pages – Product Specific

Time Period Rate
12 Months R5000.00