Green Your Factory Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and Green Your Factory is committed to protecting it. We will only use the information you supply to us.  There are certain very special exceptions to this rule that we detail below in our Privacy Policy. Green Your Factory does not sell customer names to mailing lists or marketing companies. By visiting Green Your Factory, you are accepting the practices described here in our Privacy Policy.

When An Order Is Placed

The only information we ask is specified on the Green Your Factory Community registration page, the application form (for advertising and service providers) and the order form (when making a purchase). This information includes your name, contact number, delivery address, e-mail address and credit card information if you are making a purchase.  In some cases a file download or a comment option can be made.  This information is treated with the strictest of confidence and used to process the specific application you have requested e.g. your order so that delivery can be carried out.

In order to personalise your shopping experience, your details will also be included as a member in our exclusive Green Your Factory Community once your specific application is made. It is on this platform that a newsletter is circulated, articles are discussed, notifications are made and specials are announced.

Protecting Your Information

We value confidentiality in all our dealings. As such, whenever you place an order at Green Your Factory or make an application, you’ll be using our secure server, which prevents any unauthorized access.

How We Use “Cookies”

“Cookies” are small information files that your browser stores on your computer’s hard drive. Our cookies allow you to do things like store items in your shopping cart between visits and allow us to remember your user name and e-mail address so you don’t have to enter it every time you visit the site. However, if your Web browser does not accept cookies, you can still visit and use our store. We just might not remember who you are, so you might lose items in your shopping cart, or have to fill out all your contact information again.

Green Your Factory Will Not Give Out Your Information

Green Your Factory does not sell customer names to mailing lists or marketing companies. We will not give or sell your personal information to any person or company. We may provide general statistics about our customers’ purchasing patterns as a group for market research purposes. This information will be based on aggregated information  and no personal details will be revealed. We are not responsible for any breach of security or for the actions of third parties.

Special Exceptions

  1.  Green Your Factory uses a network of suppliers, couriers and postal services to make sure deliveries are made on time. Information is given to these intermediaries who deliver your products. They are absolutely never allowed to contact you or use your information in any way besides to ship Green Your Factory products to you when you order them.
  2. If Green Your Factory is ever sold, it is likely that our assets would be acquired by the company that buys us. Assets to be transferred in an acquisition would likely include all of our database information, including customer information.
  3. If we are requested to release customer information in order to comply with law, or to protect somebody’s rights or safety, we certainly may do so. Also, if we believe fraudulent activity is occurring, we may need to share your information with investigators to protect your or our property.

Please let us know if you have any queries or comments on our privacy policy by e-mailing us at