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Factory managers are actively seeking ways to reduce their energy demand and make their factory’s more energy efficient. The increased energy costs coupled with power outages and load shedding have prompted factory managers to explore ways to reduce their dependency on the national grid.

Heavy engineering typically uses mega power to run on a daily basis. This can be offset by electricity production in the form of a Photovoltaic Systems which can either be roof mounted or ground mounted. The electricity produced by the system is typically flexible by design and can directed to designated energy demand areas ensuring reliable supply regardless of load shedding or power cuts.

Installed-solar-panelsOur Turnkey Solution

We offer a full turnkey service from planning, design and commissioning. We even include financing if required. The risks for implementation are very low – there will be no disruption to day to day production activity.

A professional consultant will visit your factory to conduct a site analysis including roof and building analysis in order that optimal dimensioning is achieved for maximum performance from panels. Tariffs are analysed against daily, weekly and monthly load profiles in order to size the system economically. You will be also be provided with sound financial data including ROI and payback period.

Here Are The Benefits:

  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Reliable ‘clean’ electricity supply
  • Compliance with environmental regulations
  • Ownership & control of your own electrical supply
  • Back –up service, Wi-Fi monitoring & maintenance
  • Hassle free twenty year lifecycle
  • Battery bank option for after-hours power draw
  • Generator interface option

Tax Incentive:

In South Africa, a solar PV project automatically qualifies for a section 12B allowance. It allows a 50:30:20 write-off on the cost price of the equipment used to generate electricity and the owner of the equipment gets the deduction. The equipment must be used for business purposes to claim the deduction.

There is no size limitation or output requirement to claim the deduction for solar PV projects. The initial 50% deduction is claimed in the owner’s tax return when the equipment is brought into production and the remainder claimed in subsequent tax years. No application or pre-approval is required to claim the deduction.

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